i. American Man/Ham
ii. Gun Grabber
iii. Dirt is Dirty
iv. Dead Ender
v. Love Song #1
vi. Follow Fru
vii. Enforcer
viii. Shootin' to Kill
Toss That Salad
Make Out With Your Mentor
The Men In Suits Are Watching You
Listen To Your Teachers
They Treat You Like A Dog
Hail To The Chief
The 16th Hole
Crack The Whip
Snickers Satisfies
(live, from the show "The Passion of the Box", 3/6/04 at Club Good Hurt in Venice, CA)
I'm Fairly Certain (But Probably Not)
(one-off studio track)
Back to School
Total Immersion
Lake of Fire
Back to Cleveland
The Astronaut